West Sussex Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Let me tell your Wedding Story.

 My wedding photography is about documenting events spontaneously as the day unfolds. The shared moments and expressions that define the joy of your wedding day. I think people look their best when they are at their most natural, and believe these are the photographs that will best capture your wedding day. I try to create photographs that will rekindle the magic of your day for years to come. Pictures that will be meaningful and timeless and tell the story of your wedding in ten, twenty or even fifty years time. Photographs that that communicate your emotions, so you can share them with your children or even their children.

I believe in complete transparency with my clients and hope to give you all the information you need to make sure you have the right photographer for you wedding. My wedding packages and prices are all published here and my wedding photography galleries show complete weddings from beginning to end so you get a better idea of how I work and what to expect. If you need any hints and tips my wedding photographer blog contains lots of great advice as well as the latest examples of my work from all my various commissions.

Specialising in Portrait, Wedding and Commercial Photography. Taking commissions throughout West Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey.

I have a wealth of experience and have worked as a wedding photographer in West Sussex and Hampshire in dozens of different venues. From Saxon Churches to Stately Homes, or Hotels to the Local Registry Office, I bring the same sense of enthusiasm to my wedding photography. I enjoy shooting small weddings just as much as larger ones.  I have covered weddings as far afield as Scotland and the West Country, worked in heat waves  and ankle deep in snow.  I always aim to delight my clients, whatever I have to deal with.

 My photographs have been published internationally in magazines and commissioned for large corporate clients, but I enjoy photographing weddings just as much. I photograph clients throughout West Sussex and Hampshire, as well as Brighton and Surrey.

I have one one main rule when it comes to wedding photographer: If you enjoy your day then the pictures will be good. By that I mean that I don’t take over your day, I work within limits that we agree to beforehand. I work efficiently, mostly in the background, but organising people for group photographs when needed or requested. Your wedding day should be about you not about your wedding photographer so I prefer to work to agreed timing slots. Most couples do not want to spend two hours on posed photos in the middle of their wedding day! I like to meet couples and do most of the wedding photography planning beforehand. It is my job as a wedding photographer to make your job more enjoyable and less stressful, so I always make sure you will be absolutely happy with how I will work on the day.

For your peace of mind I have full professional wedding photographer insurance and I am happy to supply these documents if your wedding venue requires them. I might add that I have never had to make a claim!

My main goal as a West Sussex Wedding Photographer is to delight my clients and supply them with memories that will last the rest of their lives. I feel it is a real honour to attend someone’s wedding day, and take my job very seriously. I know that my clients all put a lot of trust in me and I always repay that trust fully.

I studied photography at the  Cardiff School of Journalism, receiving a post graduate qualification in Photojournalism.  I have been working as a photographer since the mid nineties,